Trailer Handling

Anyone who passed their driving test after January 1997 will find that towing heavy trailers is not a standard category covered on their licence and an additional test will need to be taken to entitle them to drive a vehicle with a trailer.

Trailer handling courses are not a replacement for the DSA Trailer Test, but are designed to assist trainees to gain confidence and improve skills by understanding the basic towing principles and applying them to individual circumstances.

They are also aimed to satisfy the legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act, by providing adequate training for operators using trailers as part of their work.

In these courses you will learn:

the legal requirements for the use of a trailer
how to carry out safety checks
about loading and stability
handling techniques
the driving standards to the DSA Test requirements

Suitable for

Those wishing to update their skills in trailer handling and/or satisfy Health and Safety legislation regarding the safe use of trailers at work.
Anyone requiring training prior to taking the DSA Trailer Test which is conducted via the DSA.
Anyone needing to tow trailers off-road as part of their work.