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Conservation and Environment

Pesticides are very widely and successfully used in land-based industries. Pesticides are potentially harmful substances and it is essential that they are handled, applied and stored by people who have received proper training. The regulations require employers to ensure that pesticides are applied only by employees who have received appropriate training in their safe use. If you are self-employed, the regulations still apply.

Vermin infestation can afflict the best-run businesses, and dealing with it effectively requires knowledge and skill. Because many of the treatments involve the use of poisonous substances, it is essential that pest control is carried out by people who have received proper training.

Anyone with the responsibility for the management of boundaries, as well as farm workers and other land-based workers may require boundary maintenance training.


PESTICIDES APPLICATIONS- PA1, PA2, PA6, AND PA9 etc – all applicator types covered. Each module – 1 day

VERMIN CONTROL – Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Moles Grey Squirrels – 1-2 days (contact us to discuss your needs)

BOUNDARY MAINTENANCE – Drystone Walling, Fencing, Hedge Laying – 1-5 days per subject

POLLUTION – Fertiliser applications, FYM, Slurry & other agricultural /land based waste management – 2 days (contact us to discuss your needs)


Tractor Driving Skills
Brushcutter Training

All courses can be delivered with outcomes leading to national and internationally recognised certification.

Quality control is managed by the awarding bodies and all trainers and assessors attend regular updates and are monitored by the awarding bodies.

Alternatively courses can be tailored to suit company needs and issued with John Jones Training Services LTD certification which would identify the course content, duration of course and instructor name. All Instructors used for delivering John Jones Training Services LTD courses hold the appropriate awarding body qualifications.

The duration of courses vary according to experience of trainees, complexity of equipment and depth of knowledge/level required.

Awarding body registration charges vary according to course / qualifications undertaken and hence quotations can be given once the customer’s requirements have been agreed.

Courses are delivered where possible on the client’s premises, providing the site and the equipment meet the legal standards and criteria for delivering the course outcomes.