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John Jones Training Services LTD

When working with chemicals such as pesticides, veterinary medicines and sheep dip it is important to know that they may contain substances that are potentially harmful to human health. You will need effective control measures to reduce the risks The use of these products will be subject to COSHH Regulations.

John Jones Training Services LTD can offer training in the following areas and courses can be tailored to your company’s needs.

Livestock Training

All courses can be delivered with outcomes leading to national and internationally recognised certification.

Quality control is managed by the awarding bodies and all trainers and assessors attend regular updates and are monitored by the awarding bodies.

Alternatively courses can be tailored to suit company needs and issued with John Jones Training Services LTD certification which would identify the course content, duration of course and instructor name. All Instructors used for delivering John Jones Training Services LTD courses hold the appropriate awarding body qualifications.

The duration of courses vary according to experience of trainees, complexity of equipment and depth of knowledge/level required.

Awarding body registration charges vary according to course / qualifications undertaken and hence quotations can be given once the customer’s requirements have been agreed.

Courses are delivered where possible on the client’s premises, providing the site and the equipment meet the legal standards and criteria for delivering the course outcomes.