Machine Operation and Maintenance

Safe Use & Maintenance of All Tractor Mounted Attachments (from mowers, post knockers to balers etc.) - Duration depends on equipment selected.

Tractor / Machine Mounted Flail Arm / Hedge Cutter - 1-3 days

Tractor Maintenance - 2 days

Fork Lift Trucks – all types (including telescopic handlers) - 1-4 days

Equipment Safety Inspections - 1 day

Dumper Trucks Forward and Rear Tipping - 1-2 days

Forestry Machine Operator Training (forwarders, skidders, use of tractors for directional felling) - 1 day to 24 weeks

Safe Operation of Mobile Access Platforms - all types - Duration depending on numbers of machine types required.

Pedestrian Controlled Mowers - all types (rotary, flail etc.) - 1-3 days

Ride-on Mowers - all types - 1 day

Brushcutters, Strimmers and Clearing Saws - 1-2 days

Hand-Held Hedge Trimmers - 1 day

Small Engine Maintenance - 2 days

Land-Based Machinery Maintenance - 1-5 days

Oxy-Fuel Metal Cutting - 1-2 days

Arc Welding - 1-5 days

Oxy-Fuel Welding - 1-2 days

M.I.G. Welding - 1-5 days

Safe Mounting & Use of Abrasive Wheels Machines - 1-2 Days


Driving Skills

ATVs - all types (Quads, multi-wheeled and tracked including loads and implements) - 1-2 days

Basic Trailer Handling on Road (includes legal aspects of towing) - 1 day

Basic Trailer Handling Off-Road - 1 day

4 x 4 Professional Off-Road Driving  - 1,2 or 3 days

Tractor Driving - all types (including track laying) 1-4 days

Tractor Driving on Slopes - 1-2 days

180 Degree Excavator - all types - 1-10 days

360 Excavator - all types - 1-10 days


Forestry and Arboriculture

Chainsaw courses all classes from basic maintenance through to large trees (CS30 - CS33) - Please enquire for course duration

Dealing with Individual and Multi Wind-blown Trees (CS34, CS35) - Please enquire for course duration

Operating Chainsaws from a MEWP CS47 providing MEWP Cert is held - 1 day providing MEWP Certificate is held

Tree Climbing, Aerial Rescue and using chainsaws from a rope and harness (CS38, CS39)

Tree Identification

Woodchippers Use and Maintenance - 1-2 Days

Stump Grinders - 1 day

Pole Saws - 1 day

Sectional Felling

Forestry First Aid Training - 2 days



Basic Stockmanship and Welfare - 2-4 days

Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines - 1-2 days

Sheep Dip - 1-2 days

Transport of Livestock by Road – Short and Long

Sheep Shearing Level 2 and Level 3

Safe Handling of Livestock


Conservation and Environment

Pesticides Applications- PA1, PA2, PA6, and PA9 etc all applicator types covered. Each module-1 day per module

Vermin Control – Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Moles Grey Squirrels - 1-2 days

Boundary Maintenance – Drystone Walling, Fencing, Hedge Laying - 1-5 days per subject

Pollution – Fertiliser Applications, FYM, Slurry and other agricultural /land based waste management.- 2 days

Brushcutters, Strimmers and Clearing Saws - 1-2 days


Health and Safety

Manual Handling Operator - 1 day

Manual Handling – Risk Assessment - 1 day

COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health-Awareness and Risk Assessment - 1 day

Working at Heights

First Aid

Selecting and Purchasing new or Replacement Equipment inc. PUWER, LOLER, Supply of Goods Safety Regs etc. - 1 day

Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT ) - 4 hours

Use and Care of Small Hand Tools - 1 day

Transport – Managing Transport in the Work Place.

Safety in the Coupling of Semi and Drawbar Trailers with HGVs (Shunting Course)

Vehicle Inspections, Policies and Management (meeting VOSA requirements)

All the above courses can be delivered with outcomes leading to national and internationally recognised certification. Quality control is managed by the awarding bodies and all trainers and assessors attend regular updates and are monitored by the awarding bodies. Alternatively courses can be tailored to suit company needs and issued with John Jones Training and Assessment Services certification which would identify the course content, duration of course and instructor name. All Instructors used for delivering John Jones Training and Assessment Services courses hold the appropriate awarding body qualifications.

The duration of courses vary according to experience of trainees, complexity of equipment and depth of knowledge/level required. Awarding body registration charges vary according to course / qualifications undertaken and hence quotations can be given once the customer’s requirements have been agreed.

Courses are delivered where possible on the client’s premises, providing the site and the equipment meet the legal standards and criteria for delivering the course outcomes.

The above list is not exhaustive. If you have a training request not mentioned above please contact us to discuss any training or assessment needs.